Through a variety of in-person and online events, we bring public market operators, food systems leaders, city agencies, nonprofit partners, market vendors, and customers together to learn skills for leading or supporting their own Market Cities strategy.

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Upcoming Events
About our Events
Participants learn the essentials for creating a Market Cities strategy that helps public markets to become more economically sustainable, to maximize community benefits, and to contribute to the creation of diverse and lively public spaces.

Past Training
How to Create Successful Markets - Online Edition (March 1-24, 2022)

Credit: Greater London Authority
International Public Markets Conference
For over 30 years, the International Public Markets Conference has gathered 400 public market leaders and strategic partners together from across the globe to learn from each other and experience market innovations through on-site tours and workshops.

11th International Public Markets Conference (2023)

10th International Public Markets Conference, London, UK (2019)

9th International Public Markets Conference, Barcelona, Spain (2015)
We offer webinars on specific topics related to Market Cities featuring the great work of local public market leaders and new research/tools in the field.

Mapping Your Markets: First Step Towards Becoming a Market City

Market Cities: How Public Markets Can Pump Life into Regional Food Economies and Forge Social Cohesion
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