About Market Cities

Successful public markets help build communities rooted in well-being and equitable opportunity. The Market Cities Program strengthens the regional systems behind the market stalls, connecting and supporting a diverse set of stakeholders through research, specialized training, and a network of peers.

Market Cities is a partnership between three international nonprofits: Project for Public Spaces, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada, and Slow Food International.


The Market Cities Program advances a new vision for public market systems—one that creates infrastructure, policies, and investments in public markets at the citywide, regional, or national level. Learn more about the seven principles that define our vision:

VARIETY: A Market City includes an array of market types—from fresh food to crafts and second-hand goods—as part of one market system.
COLLABORATION: A Market City organizes diverse partners and stakeholders to act together to achieve common policy objectives.
MEASUREMENT: A Market City measures the value of its markets and analyzes how well they are functioning within a system.
RESILIENCE: A Market City has distribution networks that prioritize and support healthy, affordable, and safe food and other goods produced in the region.
EXCELLENCE: A Market City regularly invests in its market facilities and the management skills of market operators.
OPPORTUNITY: A Market City helps vendors, especially those facing systemic injustices, to start a new business or expand an existing one.
PLACE: A Market City recognizes that its markets are inclusive public spaces that celebrate cultural heritage.

SDG Goal Alignment

Our goals align with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Program contributes to global public health, livelihoods, and equity outcomes.

Who We Are

Program Manager
Project for Public Spaces
Co-Executive Director
Project for Public Spaces
Place Solutions Group
International Executive Committee, Slow Food International
International Market Consultant
Livable Cities, HealthBridge Foundation of Canada

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+1 (212) 620-5660

Mailing Address
PO Box 1073
New York, NY 10276

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