Kathmandu, Nepal
Cleveland, OH, USA
Detroit, MI, USA
Hong Kong. Credit: Bertwood Photography
Barcelona, Spain. Credit: IMMB

What if every city had a public market strategy?

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Why We Need Market Cities

The benefits of successful public markets are numerous, as are the challenges they face. Learn more about why a systems approach is necessary to strengthen the impact of public markets around the globe.

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Photo credit: jbdodane2
San Salvador, El Salvador. Credit: Steve dosRemedios

Seven Principles for Becoming a Market City

How can cities better support their public market systems? These seven principles define the best practices of Market Cities around the world.

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Toward Market Cities

A report on the Market Cities pilot projects in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Toronto offers new data, analysis, and recommendations for strengthening citywide market systems.

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Photo credit: Redstone Photography
Seattle, WA, USA. Credit: Redstone Photography
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